Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Crista Nicole Nude Glamour

She asked, “Am I sexy enough for you to cum the second time.”

She looked down and noticed that the sheet was tenting. She pulled the sheet back as she licked her lips.

"Yeah, I'm all over that," I said, "Happy to help a brutha out. What're we talking about?"

"Ooohhhhh!" was her only protest.

I could feel myself getting wetter as I ran my fingers through his short, curly hair. He kissed and nibbled the side of my neck sending shivers of pleasure through me. I guided his mouth to my breast. By that time he had undone all the front buttons of my blouse so he had unhindered access. He went from one breast to the other licking, sucking and nibbling. I kept pressing his face into me, running my fingers up and down the back of his head and neck encouraging him as he worked magic with his mouth.

"Let me know if you need any help," Mavis said. "There nothing I like better than a stiff black dick."

“Teach me,” she added, more loudly, more confidently.

"Oh yes I can and have. I'm being nice and letting you keep all your ill gotten gains." He stood up and walked over to Heidi and grabbed her hand. He pulled the large diamond ring from her finger. Then reached behind her neck and pulled the heavy gold chain from there.

Yes, it is true; people do say I AM THE big dyke. Well, I am not even going to begin to deny that one again, too many years of living have already slipped away, wasted, on that one. Getting back the whole Dickinson thing—If Whitman, who I LOVE, can be a fag, than what reason is there for Dickinson to not be a dyke. She was pure, innocent, always stayed home in her room…shutting herself into her own little closet, she was well known for wearing white dresses, always shunning guests, and keeping her contacts to the outside world to a minimum. Sounds a lot like me…or maybe not.

'No, not … er … not really,' he stammered. 'One day, I suppose.'

Barb's tongue licked and stabbed at Sharon's pussy for all she was worth. Teri stepped up her tongue action and nibbled at Barb's lips. Barb tried to mimic the same tricks on Sharon's pussy. Everyone knew Barb was awake, when she reached her arms up around Sharon's thighs and thrust her tongue deep in her pussy. Sharon started cuming in waves and saturated Barb's face with her love juice. Sharon fell forward and almost bumped heads with Teri. Barb shoved three fingers into Sharon and tongued her asshole. Sharon and Teri took turns licking and sucking Barb's raging cunt. The muffled screams were just about enough to make me boil over. Teri turned away from Barb's orgasm to see me wanking at my manhood. Keeping three of her fingers in Barb's cunt, she turned and took my cock in her mouth. I laid the camera down and took a few steps toward the action. With one hand on Sharon's head forcing her into Barb's pussy; my left hand was on Teri's head. I fucked Teri's mouth hard and felt the warmth of my climax pulsing through my cock. I pulled Sharon's hair back and whipped my dripping cock from Teri's mouth and shot a stream of hot cum on both their faces. They both opened their mouths and I unloaded again, trying to hit their mouths. Most of it missed and landed on Barb's pussy and abdomen. Barb's hips bucked wildly, as she reached out frantically to grasp Sharon's hair. Sharon went back to eating out Barb and brought her to another orgasm.

"Yesssss, yesss!!" she gasped, and her thrashings got wilder and her legs stretched further apart. Suddenly her whole body shook, three, four, five times, and then her hand fell away from her breast and she gave out a huge, over-sexed sigh.

My uncle Rick helped raise my dad, because their dad, my grandfather, died when they were 10 and 5. Their mom had to work 2 fulltime jobs and had no chance to be home with them. I had great respect for my uncle.

As the feelings grew so did her voice and she shouted out as she came on the strangers tongue and smiled as she too felt herself being lifted up before she was laid down next to Michelle.

The front porch lights were on and the door was open, but I didn't see anyone else around. Inside the theater, stairs led to the left and right into the theater. I could hear people talking; there were people already here.

I wanted to push him away, to tell him to go home and forget he ever knew my face. I just sat there and watched as he unzipped my fly and slid his hand in. When he touched me, I arched my hips and moaned like a low rent whore.

I walked up to the bar where a tall skinny man wearing a dirty smock was drying some glasses. He eyed me up and down with narrow eyes. “What can I do ya?”

I gulped.

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